Stare Into The Sun  Stare Into The Sun (CD 2004 Sunny Smedley Records)
Burn To The Ground | I'll See You In Hell | I Think I'm Dyin' Blues | The Road Doesn't Bend | Goin' Wrong | Keep On | Second Guessers | Roses of The City | Blade of The Knife | More Than Gold | Without Your Love
Ride The Blinds  Ride The Blinds (CD 2002 Sunny Smedley Records)
Backwoods Creek | She Knows | New Lonesome Road Blues | World Standing Still | Please Tell My Baby | Hot Mama Blues | Last Goodbye | Cow Milker's Blues | Remember To Forget You | Lone Wolf | Moanin' Blues | Can't Take It With You
One Dark Day One Dark Day (CD 1998 Sunny Smedley Records)
Empty Plans | The Legend of Kye LaFoone | Beauty of The Other Side | Worth Your Time | Under Your Nose | Only Illusion | Kentucky Moonshiner | Ruben's Train | The Gorge | One More Story Told | Thinking of You | Hourglass
Meeting at The Building Meeting at The Building (CD 1997 Sunny Smedley Records)
Can't Stop Her Now | Monday Morning Blues | Mirror, Mirror | Grizzly Bear | The Fool | Broken Song | Borrow Love and Go | Gone Forever | Just Another Woman | New In My Mind | Chasing The Sun
Hipster Club Blues single Hipster Club Blues / Last Song For You (7" single 1996 Sunny Smedley Records)
Hipster Club Blues | Last Song For You