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Burn To The Ground 4:13
I'll See You In Hell 3:06
I Think I'm Dyin' Blues 3:20
The Road Doesn't Bend 4:50
Goin' Wrong 4:19
Keep On 3:45
Second Guessers 4:07
Roses of The City 4:44
Blade of The Knife 3:59
More Than Gold 2:55
Without Your Love 6:52

Recorded by Scott Schenke.
Mixed by Scott Schenke with Dan Whitaker and Dan Cox.

The players:
Tim Anderson, John Gorlewski, Tom Mioducki,
John Roche, Lindsae Rinio, Scott Schenke, Dan Whitaker

Album art and design by Dan Whitaker
photography by Dan Whitaker and Dan Cox
mastering by DRT Mastering