Ride The Blinds
Ride The Blinds
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The World Standing Still

the wind was blowing in my face
as I waited for the cars to pass
I crossed the street, the crowded sidewalk
led me right into a Sunday mass
on the corner of the block
there sat a leper with a covered face
I ducked into a neon glowing bar
as if it were some safer place

I'll never forget the moment I saw her
she walked up to me with raven black hair
a black velvet dress, and eyes made to match it
I hardly could speak, I only could stare

In a moment I regained my lost composure
with a knowing smile
I asked her where had she come from
and if she planned to stay a while
she told me "I'm just passing through
but I could be made to change my plans"
and the fires that once burned slowly
felt the bellows of the ceiling fans

we talked for a while and went for a walk
as day turned to night we stepped through the haze
we kissed in the park beside the Cypress trees
the world stranding still, the love in us blazed

in a dream I had that night
I was searching for a hidden verse
then a breeze came blowing bye
and I caught the drift of something worse
she was on the sandy banks
walking naked by the ocean side
I went looking for her footprints
but they vanished with the evening tide

I followed the shore until I could see no more
the next thing I know I'm out on some street
in rush hour crowds I see her ahead of me
then hailing a cab, she rides off through the heat

in the morning I was wakened
by what seemed a thousand rooster crows
wiping sleep out of my eyes I was puzzled as I slowly rose
for my lover wasn't there, in her place I found she left a note
in a quickly written script
these are the words that she had wrote

"I'm sorry my dear, but now I must leave you here
the reason it's best that you never know
but please rest assured there is no one other, dear
you'll stay in my heart, but now I must go"

words and music by Dan Whitaker
2001 Sunny Smedley Music