Ride The Blinds
Ride The Blinds
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Remember to Forget You

on the day when I first saw you
you spoke between the swelling tears
it seemed a love had up and left you
just like so many in my years
I couldn't help but feel your sorrow
as I had been in that same place
where hope cannot make out tomorrow
and life's a god forsaken space

I knew I had to get to know you
I knew I had to take a chance
for life will surely pass right by you
if you don't get up to dance
and so with this kiss I can tell you
what all the words cannot convey
and if you look deep down within you
your heart will not lead you astray

but I can't believe I still could be so foolish
to wake up every morning feeling blue
I bang my head up against the wall
and you don't return my call
it seems I must remember to forget you

when the past is finally broken
and you've severed all the ties
will you tempt again your fortune
and keep believing all the lies
If you lay down here beside me
do it with your faith re-born
for I am not here to deceive you
and you should not feel torn

when the day is nearly dying
I lay my broken body down
into a darkened cave I'm hiding
just like a hermit with no sound
I dream of different conversations
and picture stories you once told
I need the passion of another
or with the years I just grow old

and I can't believe I still could be so foolish
to be so swept away just by your touch
but when I wake up on my own
I'm still here all alone
it seems I must remember to forget you

words and music by Dan Whitaker
2001 Sunny Smedley Music