One Dark Day
One Dark Day
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One More Story Told

She was different, so were you
she was feeling around for something new
you were thankful for the touch of a woman
and a break from feeling blue
she was hungry, for a while
at least until she sent you that cake with a file
now you've broken through the bars, and you've left them over there
with the rest, in a pile
but the winter's long
and the nights are cold
and you're in some smoky bar
did you really think that she'd stick around
did you think you'd get that far
no, but you've been here before
and it's got you wondering if your blood runs cold
will it last to see the day
or will she be just one more story told

she had walked through a mile of muck
she was still trying to get her own toes unstuck
you were bouncing off the walls
and you wanted just to share some hard earned luck
all the while, from behind
the creeping jade had somehow taken over your mind
you were quickest to the draw
but you couldn't face the need for one more bind
but the party's through
and your friends have gone
and you're sitting there alone
and you're thinking back on that other night
and you're wondering why she phoned
did you miss something she said
when you made up your mind so clear and bold
will you see her face again
or will she be just one more story told

words and music by Dan Whitaker
1997 Sunny Smedley Music