One Dark DayOne Dark Day
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Under Your Nose

You could stay the night tonight
if we're not sure we're meant for each other
embrace each other's loneliness
and next week still look for another
it could take a whole lifetime of waiting to see how it goes
to find that certain someone, that could be right under your nose
tell me the way that your last lover defeated you
and left you behind in the race
and then, once again, how they used, lost, and mistreated you, and left you with nothing but memories to chase

now as we stand here talking
with our drinks and yearnings inside
we see this opportunity, and also a reason to hide
I guess I could just walk away, I'm sure we'll meet up again
but now may never again be here, if I keep these feelings inside

do you believe that a love could last a whole lifetime
and still not be filled with regret
or, is this the case where we're two strangers held over
making our best while leaving no debt

if I could see to the future, these questions would not be so hard
but no, I'm I am not a seer, this notion I'll have to discard
and now as we both lay here, we've left those questions behind
save them for some other day
with the answers we have yet to find

words and music by Dan Whitaker
1998 Sunny Smedley Music