Meeting at The Building
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New In My Mind

How could I tell you, that I really loved you
when I still had something to loose
life's golden pleasure, is when we're together
but I still need something to use
for one moment, I thought that I could see you
when you walked in slowly
and I thought that I could be the one
to share with you something that had not been opened
such a hurried decision for someone to see
far too hurried a statement for someone like me

I can't be guilty, if you didn't tell me
that something I'm doing is wrong
paint me a picture, or teach me a lesson
but don't keep me guessin' too long
life can be small, it can find you and hurt you
and it might lead you to the one who could betray you
when you least expect it all your fears can be regretted
there are no secrets that can hide for too long
yes, and there are no answers that can ever be wrong

last summer I thought you over
it took three months to find
now somehow inside I've seen how to
keep you new in my mind

please give me credit, for not having judged you
and I'll do the same thing for you
I won't be sorry, if nothing is taken
at least we were there and we tried
then, if you'd like to, we can try to write a story
or an open poem that might turn into a novel
if we like where it's going we can write some more tomorrow
there's a pen on the table and there's room on the shelf
we can write one together, you can write one yourself

words and music by Dan Whitaker
1997 Sunny Smedley Music