Ride The Blinds
Ride The Blinds
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New Lonesome Road Blues

I'm going away, I'm leaving today
I'm going to the outskirts of town
I don't have a bed, I'm out of my head
and I feel like I'm not wanted 'round
I might be gone a good while
each step might be another mile
I might try on a different style
I'm headed down that new lonesome road

women will come and women will go
but there's one thing that I know
my girl is sweet and she stays on her feet
even when her old car needs a tow
and when she calls out my name
I want to play another game
and I know she feels just the same
I'm headed down that new lonesome road

I saw my old pa, he was fixin' to saw
up some hard wood to burn in the fire
I picked up an ax and I shined it with wax
so he would not think I was a liar
and when I chopped up that wood
I felt like I was doing some good
just like an old beaver would
I'm headed down that new lonesome road

some folks might say that my hair is gray
but I know it's supposed to be brown
I'll check the mirror the next time I'm near
on the weekend when I go into town
I hope my good girl don't care
when she hears I lost my all hair
last night in a fight with a grizzly bear
I'm headed down that new lonesome road

words by Dan Whitaker
music by Dan Whitaker and Scott Schenke

2001 Sunny Smedley Music