Stare Into The Sun
Stare Into The Sun
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More Than Gold

Tell me baby, what you doin' so far away from home
up in the northern country, next thing you'll be working in a dome
I know you're making money, I know you're busy chewing gum
but I've been going hungry, come home and give your baby some
I can't get busy 'cause I'm stuck inside this funk
I'd like to visit but my ship sprung a leak and sunk

the way you love me, honey, it's like a rocket to the moon
come back ignite my engine, I'll start the countdown real soon
feel like I'm burning oil, feel like my coolant's much too low
might need a total overhaul, my mechanic told me so
I'm talkin' crazy and I don't know right from wrong
come back baby, now you been away too long

last night I went to town, but spent the night in jail
they wouldn't let me call to get someone to go my bail
I woke up hangin' hard, like I got kicked upside the head
tomorrow I'll be luck if I don't end up cold and dead
remember baby, there's one thing that can't be sold
I need your lovin' and I need it more than gold

words and music by Dan Whitaker
2004 Sunny Smedley Music