Ride The Blinds
Ride The Blinds
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Moanin' Blues

dogs are barkin', but there's no one on the street
alarms are ringin', there's no shoes on my feet
my body's achin', but she ain't with me on the sheet

I tossed and turned until the break of day
I started dreaming as my mind drifted away
then I turned over and hugged the pillow where she used to lay

dreamed I was with her, we were walking side by side
we talked it over, in the truth we did abide
there wasn't nothing we felt we had to hide

well, I woke up this morning in the cruel light of day
the dream is over, now it's my turn to pay
she might stop over, but she's never gonna stay

now I can't see no future, can't see no breaking of the dawn
I ain't done no riding since my rider's come and gone
this empty feeling seems to linger on and on

words and music by Dan Whitaker
2001 Sunny Smedley Music