Stare Into The Sun
Stare Into The Sun
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I'll See You In Hell

I went to the captain to draw out my roll
he figured me out nine dollars in the hole
I cut off his head and I went to bed
a bloody machettee lying under my bed
drifting off to sleep, nothing left to keep

I'm out on a wailer, the full moon above
the wind is a gale, there's nobody to love
the man on the mast screaming yonder she blows
and into the row boats everyone goes
we'll have blubber soon, trust in my harpoon

I wake in the morning from a knock on the door
I rise from my bed and stumble 'cross the floor
a man with a badge says, "Are you Willie Brown?
Remember last night when you cut your captain down?"
"Oh, no sir, not me, I've been out to sea"

they took me downtown and they locked me away
to wait for my trial on some other day
an arm for a pillow, a cold iron bed
I fell back to sleep, that's when somebody said
"Jailer get your key.  Willie Brown is free."

I laughed out loud and screamed to the dead
"You see here captain, I ain't in the red.
You got what was coming for keeping my pay
I'll see you in hell on some other day"
freedom's here to keep, when I'm fast asleep

words and music by Dan Whitaker
2004 Sunny Smedley Music