One Dark Day
One Dark Day
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I know I'm the one that made you cry
but sometimes I can't hide these fearful feeling that I carry inside
I know that you're always willing to try
whatever you think you need to do to pick yourself back up from a slide

but the night is getting darker
and the drill is driving deeper
and the thread is stretching thinner
but as long as you want me to, I'll stay with you you

somewhere deep down inside my heart
lives a spirit that comes out and visits me in a dream every once in a while
out on the dark and lonely field
at that moment when I'm feeling lost like a mother less child

when I think I've lost my vision
and I'm wondering if you're out there
while the hourglass is draining
then it finally dawns on me you're the one I see

I write a letter once for you
and try to tell you how I mis-said everything I ever wanted to say
and of all the dreams that could have come true
you were the one I never believed would come to life in the day

when the days would pass like minutes
but the nights go on forever
until I almost believed in never
then I reached once more for you and found that you were true

words and music by Dan Whitaker
1997 Sunny Smedley Music