Tim Anderson: bass
Tom Mioducki: keyboards, vocals
Lyndsae Rinio: vocals, percussion
John Roche: drums
Scott Schenke: guitar, mandolin, backup vocals
Dan Whitaker: lead vocals, guitar, harmonica

The Great Plains Gypsies have come a long way since 1995. Originally a duet, guitar and drums, playing folk, blues, and original ballads the band is now a quintet with four full-length albums to their credit. Loosely referred to as original rock, the band bridges musical classifications fluently from Americana rock to blues, to jazz, folk and country subject to the needs of the song. Ultimately their sound is as uncontrived, original and as hard to describe as their name may suggest.

Lead singer and songwriter Dan Whitaker endeavors to provide the band with an ever-growing song catalog. In tales mixing truth and fiction he sings of love, loathing, good, evil, life and death from the perspectives of a rogue's gallery cast or characters. Juggling poignant highs and lows, his narratives turn form absurd and silly in one song to gripping and emotive in the next.

The blazing lead guitar attack of longtime member Scott Schenke weaves in and out of verses with Tom Mioduckie's keyboards sonically fleshing out the melody. The rhythm section of Tim Anderson on bass and John Roche on drums has provided a solid foundation over the years while evolving into an inimitable and expressive component. Lyndsae Rinio is the newest member of the band who's beautiful voice gives the perfect harmony to Whitaker's baritone.

Stare Into The Sun is the 2005 release on Sunny Smedley Records. The eleven new songs feature aggressive up tempo tunes such as 'Burn To The Ground, 'I'll See You In Hell' and 'Keep On' as well as the love ballad 'Without Your Love'. Their songs can be previewed at the bandís website at www.greatplainsgypsies.com, which also features reviews, photos, concert listings, lyrics and heaps of other band related information.